Wuxi Helmsun Textiles Co. Ltd.,
founded in 1996, is a private company dealing with garment production and export, fabric export and apparel accessory trade.

The company owns two branch companies:
1. Wuxi Sunhelm Garments Co. Ltd., - a modern garment manufacturer with annual capacity of 800,000 unit;
2. Wuxi Welmsun Garments Accessories Co. Ltd., - a professional apparel accessory trading company.

The company consists of merchandizing departments, fabric sourcing department, garment sampling center, financial department and administration department. Our merchandisers are well trained with team working spirit.
We organized our system as a manufacturer-based exporter, which is highly praised by our cooperators. Our high qualified foreign language speaking staffs are serving the customers from the US, Australia, NZ, South America and Europe etc…

Wuxi Sunhelm Garment Co. Ltd. founded in 1999, is located at Wuxi Liyuan Economic Developing Zone. It has 400 staffs including 300 sewing workers in 10 sewing lines, 50 finishing people, 20 inspectors, 20 technicians and 12 designers in the pattern room. As a modern medium-sized factory, it has already passed factory evaluation from the customers as Walmat, Kmart, AMC, Colby, Driza Bone, YD, and Lee&Fung etc. Wuxi Sunhelm offers customer with wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s garments from casual jackets, pants, shirts, blouses to knitwear etc., in all kinds of fabric including cotton, linen, silk, wool and mixture fabric etc…

Wuxi Welmsun Garments Accessories Co. Ltd., as a branch company of Wuxi Helmsun Textiles Co. Ltd, supplies all kinds of apparel accessories to many local customers, while providing most of the accessories that its mother company needs.

Established on a high efficient garment exporting structure, insisting on doing business for mutual benefit, Helmsun is cooperating with many old customers as well as attracting more and more new customers from all over the world. Its turnover has reached 8 million in 2003, and will growing continually.


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